Preventative care, or “seeing the hygienist”, is what most people associate with going to the dentist. Dental cleanings are the primary services provided within preventative dental care, but preventative care encompasses many additional services geared towards maintaining good oral health and avoiding more serious treatment.  Proper preventative care limits and often eliminates the need for other dental services.

Preventative - The Cornerstone of Good Oral Health

Teeth play an important role in the function of the mouth, the beauty of the smile, and a person’s sense of confidence. An attractive, vibrant smile is what many patients desire, but dental health is often the most neglected habit, resulting in unnecessary decay and disease and sometimes even tooth loss. Since oral health is linked to overall health, maintaining proper dental hygiene affects more than the health of the teeth and is one reason why preventative dentistry is critical to maintaining the health of your smile.

Preventative dentistry takes personal oral care one step further by utilizing the expertise and training of our clinical. Services such as routine professional dental cleanings, fluoride treatment, sealants, and  oral cancer screenings are designed to monitor dental health and prevent more serious oral conditions from developing without the patient’s knowledge. A large portion of our preventative dentistry in our offices involves patient education to keep you informed about the steps you can take to maintain your oral health and how our care helps keep your mouth free from cavities, gum disease, and other undesired conditions. By partnering with you in your oral health, our dental hygiene team provides personalized strategies and plans for your at home dental care.

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