Not all sedation dentistry is the same. Our practice offers all three classes of sedation and allows our patients to receive the care they need despite anxiety and fear. Additionally, sedation allows our providers to perform large amounts of treatment at once, cutting down on the number of visits to our office needed. Sedation is a powerful tool in our ability to provide true comprehensive care.

Sedation - A New Smile in Relaxed Comfort

Sedation services enable patients to receive care without fear, virtually painless, and in complete comfort. Additionally, when patients are sedated, our providers are able to complete large amounts of treatment at one time, limiting the amount of visits needed to complete cases. Our office is one of only a handful of general dental offices in the state that offers all three classes of dental sedation. Depending on the need, we are able to sedate patients orally, through IV to a moderate state of sedation, or through IV to a deep state of sedation. Having all three classes as an option for our patients allows us to keep all their treatment in our office, a known and comfortable environment.

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