Extractions & Oral Surgery

While our dentists prefer to preserve our patient’s natural teeth, sometimes extractions become necessary. Extractions may be needed for a variety of reasons, but with extractions comes opportunity for long lasting dental prostheses. Our providers complete extractions for our patients in a stress free and comfortable manner.

Extractions & Oral Surgery - Removing Problems and Creating Opportunity

The most common oral surgery procedures performed in our office are extractions. While our team prefers to keep natural teeth whenever possible, extractions can be a useful tool for our dentists in setting our patient’s long term oral health. Extractions can be used to remove teeth that cannot be treated using other procedures, remove teeth that were blocked on their way into the mouth, or free up space to eliminate overcrowding. 

Our dentists will work with our patients to create a treatment plan best for them and recommend extractions only when necessary. Extractions are a routine procedure for our experienced team and our patients have come to enjoy a stress-free and comfortable experience. 

Our practice also offers the full range of Oral Surgery services with the help of Dr. Zebovitz and his outstanding team. Dr. Zebovitz is a renowned and accomplished oral surgeon with his own practice in Anne Arundel County. Driven by a desire to provide access to advanced oral surgery procedures to areas with the highest need, Dr. Zebovitz has allied with our practice to bring his expertise to the Eastern Shore. 

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